How to Tell if You Need a Dental Checkup

Categories: General Dentistry

Taking care of your teeth at home is important in keeping your smile healthy, and doing so benefits both your appearance and your overall health. However, your oral health routine is only one part of the equation – it is also essential to visit a general dentistry practice regularly for examinations and cleanings. Consistent dental appointments not only provide a periodic cleaning that is more thorough than what you can achieve at home, but they also provide an opportunity to learn more about any health issues you may be experiencing with your teeth and gums. This will help you address current issues or prevent potential ones, limiting considerable cost and discomfort down the road. Putting off checkups can lead to an emergency dental appointment or even necessitate an expensive procedure such as dental implants.

People often wonder just when exactly they should visit the dentist for a checkup, while others may simply forget to schedule regular appointments. Unfortunately, many wait to visit the dentist until they are experiencing a serious issue such as severe pain, tooth trauma or even the loss of a tooth. These kinds of extreme scenarios are often preventable with regular dental checkups.

How often should I visit the dentist?

Since everyone’s body is different, there is no hard and fast rule about the frequency of dental cleanings, however, it is recommended to schedule a cleaning and examination checkup twice a year, i.e., every six months. This will keep you healthy and give your dentist an adequate chance to see if there have been any major changes or new issues. They will also be able to provide you with a better timeframe for the frequency of visits based on your situation. People who are prone to oral health issues may be advised to seek more frequent cleanings and checkups, while those with stronger teeth may only be asked to visit the office once a year.

When should I schedule cleanings and examinations?

If it has been more than six months since your last cleaning and/or examination, it is a good idea to schedule your next appointment as soon as possible. Then, it is strongly advised to schedule your following visit before you leave the office. When people opt to call and schedule after leaving, they may forget and fall into the same cycle they were in before. Even if your next cleaning/examination is six months or even a year down the road, scheduling in person with the front desk can help keep you on schedule. Your dentist will send you reminders or confirmation requests closer to the appointment date so that you will not forget about your visit.

If you rarely see the dentist, regular checkups may seem like a tall order, but once you get into a good habit of scheduling, they will feel like second nature. This is much easier in practice since, ideally, you will only need to visit for a brief appointment two days out of the entire year. A family dentist will usually provide the general dentistry services you need and will not judge you for the current health of your teeth even if it has been a long time since your last visit.

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