Choosing the Right Cosmetic Dentist

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If you are looking to improve the way your smile looks and feels, cosmetic dentistry is the solution for you. Cosmetic dentistry is the dental specialty of improving the aesthetic of your teeth, gums and overall appearance of your smile. When you are choosing a cosmetic dentist, it is important to select the right option – one that offers a wide variety of services and is experienced in administering them. If you would like to upgrade your smile, read on to learn more about the field and what to look for in your new cosmetic dentistry practice.

The Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry

Many people are unhappy with the appearance of their teeth. This can cause them to conceal their smile which can make first impressions uncomfortable and create a disconnect between how they feel and what they display to the world. If this resonates with you, getting your smile where you want it to be with cosmetic dentistry can go a long way in improving your self-confidence and self-esteem, allowing you to feel more at ease both personally and in social settings. Cosmetic procedures often have health benefits as well. For example, porcelain veneers can help preserve your teeth’s natural enamel, and orthodontics or aligner trays can adjust your teeth to reduce aches and pains in your jaw.

Cosmetic Services to Seek

Finding a cosmetic dentist office with a wide range of offerings is wise because you will be able to maintain your patient-doctor relationship and stay in the same office if you decide there are multiple procedures you wish to pursue. When you keep the same doctor for different treatments, they will be familiar with your case and your dental goals, allowing you to achieve the best results. Cosmetic services include:

  • Porcelain Veneers: Veneers are porcelain shells that cover your natural teeth. They are comfortable and unobtrusive because they can be as thin as a contact lens, and they only require the same level of maintenance (brushing, flossing, mouthwash and regular dentist visits) as your natural teeth. They can help mask many common appearance issues, such as misalignment, discoloration, cracked teeth and more.
  • InOffice & At-Home Teeth Whitening: Discolored teeth are a common concern for many people, and the issue is extremely common since it has so many causes (aging, genetics, diet, medications, etc.). Teeth whitening is a simple process that can have a major effect on self-confidence. It is important to find a dentist that offers both in-office whitening treatment as well as take-home kits so that you can choose the best option based on your schedule and circumstances.
  • Orthodontics & Alignment Systems

Crooked teeth are another common issue people have with their smiles, and both orthodontic work and take-home aligner systems like Invisalign® are great solutions. Orthodontics include traditional bracket and wire braces that shift teeth over time. The visibility of metal braces is not desirable for everyone, which is why you should find a dentist that also offers the Invisalign® system, which gradually realigns teeth but is also nearly invisible, unlike metal braces.

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