Dental Implants

We know that losing a permanent tooth can be traumatic! The forgone conclusion is that if a dentist cannot restore it, then the tooth is lost forever. While the original tooth might be beyond restoration, there is a way to replace the lost tooth and restore the smile to its original. Dental implants could offer a solution.

Why Should I Get a Dental Implant?

Besides being unsightly or making one feel socially awkward, missing teeth can cause other problems in the mouth. In the case of younger patients, having a missing tooth replaced with an implant can be critical. For example, if the teeth shift to fill in the gap left by a missing tooth, this could result in a crossbite. When this happens, it will require an orthodontic treatment to bring the teeth back into alignment.

A tooth implant could prevent the crossbite condition from ever occurring, which means avoiding the need for an orthodontic procedure later. This could also mean a significant cost savings!

In addition to providing new dental implants, we also replace and restore dental implants in office. If an implant is damaged, then the damaged tooth can be replaced in our office. This makes it much more convenient to arrange schedules and time off from work or school.

Implant Restoration

We also replace and restore implant-supported denture work. Unlike traditional dentures that are attached to the gum area with a dental adhesive, a denture implant is a denture that is attached to an implant in the gum.

As with other dental appliances, dental implants can be damaged by mouth trauma or even by normal daily wear and tear. In such cases, we are able to replace or restore these damaged denture implants in office to quickly get you back to your normal daily activities.

Restoring Your Smile with Dental Implants!

If you have a missing tooth and want a permanent solution, talk with your local La Mesa dentist, Dr. Javadi about dental implants! It may be the right solution for your smile.