We treat patients who have symptoms of TMJ/TMD by using appliance therapy, mouthguards, and deprogrammers. The common causes of temporomandibular joint disorders (TMD or TMJ) are excessive grinding of the teeth, jaw clenching, injuries to the jaw, and dislocation of the jaw socket. Appliance therapy is the most common way to treat TMJ/TMD.

Appliance Therapy

The primary purpose of appliance therapy is to reduce jaw clenching and teeth grinding. Appliance Therapy can help the jaw stay in alignment. There are several ways to use appliance therapy for the treatment of TMJ/TMD.


Mouthguards (also called mouth splints, oral splints, night guard or bite plate) are used to prevent jaw clenching and teeth grinding. Mouthguards are usually worn at night, and at Javadi Smiles, they are custom-molded to fit your unique bite. A good fit not only makes the mouthguard more comfortable, but it also makes it more effective!


Another dental appliance used in the treatment of TMJ/TMD are deprogrammers. These are similar to orthodontic retainers. They can be worn all day to help keep the jaw in alignment, and to keep teeth from grinding together. Deprogrammers can also help the jaw muscles to relax, which reduces jaw clenching.

Other Uses for Appliances

Some other uses of appliances therapy are the prevention of migraine headaches and improvement in sleep patterns.

It is common for medical doctors to recommend dental appliance therapy for patients suffering from migraine headaches. Some migraine headaches are triggered by strain to neck and facial muscles. A dental appliance can prevent migraine headaches because it prevents the jaw clenching and teeth grinding that leads to neck and facial muscle strain.

Appliances can also help patients who want to stop snoring or treat their sleep apnea. Such appliances are shaped to hold the airway open to reduce the occurrence of snoring or pauses in breathing.

Treat Your TMJ with Appliance Therapy

We will be sure that your TMJ/TMD is treated with the right procedure for your situation. Call Javadi Smiles dentistry in La Mesa today to schedule an appointment!