Root Canal

We perform in-office root canal procedures. Due to advances in dental procedures and effective anesthetics, the infamous reputation of root canals is no longer justified. In fact, these unfounded fears can lead to inaction when dental health has failed and a root canal might be necessary.

The Root Canal Procedure

It is our end goal to save your teeth. Sometimes, that requires a root canal. Depending on your unique situation and our dentist Dr. Javadi’s prognosis, a root canal can either be completed in one office visit or it may require two separate visits.

Single Visit Procedure

In a single office visit, the infected or inflamed tooth pulp at the center of the tooth is removed, the empty compartment of the tooth is disinfected and then filled with a rubber-like substance called gutta-percha.

Two Visit Procedure

When a root canal is done in two office visits, it is commonly due to the severity of the infection caused by the inflamed pulp. In such cases, the dentist may install a temporary filling, and prescribe an antibiotic to kill the infection. You will be scheduled for a second dental visit when you are done with your antibiotics, and a permanent filling will be installed.

Why Root Canal Procedures Are Necessary

In addition to losing the tooth, untreated infections of the pulp can lead to other medical conditions such as cellulitis and abscesses. Cellulitis is a condition that affects the skin, and abscesses affect other parts of the body. Treating pulp infections can help avoid cellulitis and abscesses.

Some other conditions associated with infected tooth pulp are sinusitis, periodontitis, and bone loss. Any of these conditions can lead to even more serious health conditions. However, these pulp-related medical conditions can be prevented with proper dental care, and sometimes that proper dental care includes a root canal procedure.

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