Invisalign® vs. Braces

Some people were born with the genetics and bone structure that allowed their teeth to grow in straight and their bites to naturally align. Unfortunately, this is not the case for most people, for whom some form of dental intervention is required to achieve straight, well-spaced teeth and a proper bite. Traditional metal braces are […]

What Is a Dental Crown?

The strength of human teeth is quite impressive; they can last us a lifetime filled with biting, chomping and chewing, all the while able to withstand over 100 pounds of pressure. However, similar to bones, it is not uncommon for teeth to break or become damaged. They are also highly susceptible to decay, which can […]

What Kind of Care Does General Dentistry Include?

Categories: General Dentistry

If you have ever researched a new dentist or are currently in search of one, you have likely come across the term “general dentistry” – a term that can seem vague and, well, general. Despite its innocuous name, general dentistry is one of the most important and foundational forms of dentistry there is, and its […]

Do Children Need Orthodontic Care?

Categories: General Dentistry

For many children, orthodontic work feels like a rite of passage, and many even look forward to getting braces. This is because adolescence is the most common time for a person to be fitted with braces. It is an age range that orthodontists and physicians commonly recommend. There is no set age for children who […]

Choosing the Right Cosmetic Dentist

Categories: Cosmetic Dentistry

If you are looking to improve the way your smile looks and feels, cosmetic dentistry is the solution for you. Cosmetic dentistry is the dental specialty of improving the aesthetic of your teeth, gums and overall appearance of your smile. When you are choosing a cosmetic dentist, it is important to select the right option […]

How to Tell if You Need a Dental Checkup

Categories: General Dentistry

Taking care of your teeth at home is important in keeping your smile healthy, and doing so benefits both your appearance and your overall health. However, your oral health routine is only one part of the equation – it is also essential to visit a general dentistry practice regularly for examinations and cleanings. Consistent dental […]

Dental Benefits: Use Them or Lose Them

Don’t miss out on the dental treatment you need, deserve and have the benefits to cover! Unfortunately, many dental benefits dollars will not roll over into the next year, leading to a significant waste of your valuable benefits payments. Bottom line: what you don’t use of your remaining dental benefits, you may lose! Unlike medical […]